Memorial Day 2019

We wanted to make sure we had our flag flying. When we move into our McCormick home, we’ll fly it high! But for today, we held it and talked about freedom. We also showed Tatum a powerful video documenting the over 1 million soldiers who have died in battle. Cooper joined us in our remembrances.

Then we just had a nice day playing and having fun.

Cooper slept

and then played hide and go seek.

Do you see him?

He loves to lay like a bear rug.

Oh the joy.

Thank you America for being our country. Thank you soldiers for fighting for our freedom.

Something has to work!

I’m tired of my cough and just being sick, mommy. We’ll try the Aquafor for the skin. The inhaler to clear the lungs. The oils for the diffuser at night to clear out something! The saline spray to clear the sinuses.  Did I miss anything? Oh, yes Singulair and Zyrtec. Now they recommend a facial sauna for more clearing. Yes, I’d love some clarity here. 

Frankincense helped Jesus, right?

Thieves seems to “steal” all the bugs and throw them A..WAY!

Take a whiff of this, and you’ll clean yourself out for a week.

I’ll tell you what else I’m trying: 

A LOT of Jesus.

Utah Day 2

Sledding day hooray!!
The teeny bit of snow was going to have to work for our sledding adventure.

We got all bundled up:

Are we ready!!?


Tot and Thomas headed outdoors to make a snowman.

John preceded us to help make the sledding run more smooth. What is missing in these photos??? Anyone???

Well, let’s see: I don’t notice anything odd here: Loafers, dress shirt, khaki’s. Perfect. Oh, of course. Gloves!!!??

Tatum finished up the snowman.


Looks good! Let’s add a friend.

Time to sled a bit.

Tatum was a natural! We found this out after both of us went down. She was ready to SOLO it. John smoothed it all so well, she whizzzzzzzed by!

Later, after Tatum wore us out, we headed inside and Tot played played played with Thomas. So much she felt like a Superhero!

Kaboom. She collapsed.

We all played games until I kaboomed myself.

Tatum woke up. She was ready. Ready for something.  What will it be?

Dolly loved on her with French Toast ….


Fancy jewels. Dolly knows how to make.a.girl.feel.special.

Time ticked by so quickly that it was getting time to go. Johnathan selflessly helped me set up my new computer, so I did not get enough FUN time (although being with John is always fun).

Thank you John, Thomas, and Dolly. You ALWAYS put everything aside to make us feel like kings and queens. True royalty we are in your presence.

We buckled up and headed back to Phoenix.

Until next time, my dear family in Utah. We love you beyond measure. Truly. Wonderfully. Deeply.


Good Saturday in beautiful UTAH! (Part 2)

Yesterday was wonderful!
Good morning!  How did you sleep? Tatum and I slept in till 9:30 (8:30 AZ time). Now, this could mean that we slept in or that we just slept in the morning. BZZZZZZZ. B is the answer. Apparently baby was falling out of the bed often, so therefore, it was up to me to find him every few hours.

So, we got up and enjoyed our breakfast with Tommy, Dolly and Doug. Cheerios always hit the spot.

Then she got a bit chilly and Batman could not warm her up. Well, a mommy’s work is never done and THANK GOODNESS for that!

It was time to BREAK THE ICE and play a few rounds before she stole Tommy to play.

We headed to the park, and John and I had a chance to chat. Tommy, Dolly and Tommy kept Tot busy!

It was a bit chilly and windy, so we headed home to (nap) hang out! Dolly and Tommy played with Tot and let me relax a bit! I so appreciate all of them so much!

Tatum wanted to change into cozies, so she found a small shirt (small for large people!) to put on, and she then discovered the droids. She loves droids because she is bigger than them!

It was then time to cook, and Johnathan has THOSE skills! I figured I’d help! Maybe not. My skills are not as sharp (haha)

Again, another lovely dinner, games and chats. I think I need a lot longer in UTAH!

We’ll sleep well tonight! Or will we??????? I’ll tell you one thing: It’s so wonderfully dark and quiet so I should, right?

Worth the wait (the LONG wait) at the dentist

Oh yes, it was worth every single minute of our 1:30 appointment. Tatum’s fall on Sunday which resulted inIMG_3635

meant that I had to follow up at the dentist on Tuesday. Well, the lovely Dr. Libby who gave me the very sound advice about clicking her tooth into place was now no longer seeing patients with my insurance. This shocking news came Tuesday morning when I called for our appointment. So much for following up with her. I scrambled to find a dentist who would accept us. We finally found one way far on the west side.

Arriving at 1:30, we plopped ourselves down in the chair and looked around. It was packed to the gills with hispanics kiddos and all of the siblings. The “playroom” was nothing like the spaceship at our old dentist. It was just a wall of video games in this dark tunnel. Not appealing. So, I pulled out my handy dandy Kinder Brain Quest, and off we went to “which word starts with the letter “C”? games.

Finally after 30, we were called and entered the room. First, X-rays. Tatum was so brave with the coat that weighs more than her 27.6-lb little body.

Smile pretty and hold still! No wiggle worming at all! Great job, Tot.

Then we were led into room 4 with the “Dr. will be right in to see you.” Being right in must be a relative term. In my book, that means within like 5 minutes.

The nurse wanted Tatum to stare at the movie on the ceiling, but sheesh! That could only last so long.


So, Tot and I got creative as usual. 

We played glasses


We played dance around the room!IMG_3641

We played take pics of mommyIMG_3646Missed..but pretty close!
Videos, pacing around the chair and counting…. You name it!

OK, finally the dentist came in acting as if we had only been there for like a minute, and proceeded to show us her X-rays. IMG_3674The roots are in tact, and her loose tooth will actually seal back into place within a week or two! Just keep up the smoothies and ice cream. (Big smile). He also assured her the fingers in the mouth were ok (for a teeeeeeeeeny bit longer). He told me if she hadn’t grown out of it by age 7, then I should worry. (Seriously? 7?…more like 4!)

By 3:10, we were out of there. Part of the benefit of being on the west side, meant that we got to go to Bookman’s used books (which has zillions of used books and 10%off for kiddos!) and frozen yogurt (YUMMMMY!).

Finally we got home, and she wanted to immediately read this:


Yes, Spiderman. Not, Princess Blah Blah Blah…but good ol’ Spidey. She loves Paw Patrol and Spiderman now. My girl is ALL girl with some added coolness of superheroes and rescuing doggies!

Love you Tot! XOXO