Wake up Mommy; My shots are today!

I felt it…they were at my door waiting for me.

Good morning kids!

We headed to the vet, Dr. Leibovitz, for his firs round of shots.

We waited.

And waited.

And got in!

He needs 4 rounds 3 weeks apart. THEN and only then can he go in public with other doggies.

He got on the scale with no wiggles. Good boy, Coop!

4 lbs. He’s gained 1/2 a pound!

Hello Doctor! How does he look?

He got his shot and didn’t even feel a thing. Brave little guy. I’m so proud of him.

See you in 3 weeks.

Tatum’s Art and her Heart

The other day, I had a big meeting on ZOOM. It’s a conference call with video. She was very quiet, but after that, she wanted my attention. I had to really focus on my work.

She played at my feet and really did not allow me to concentrate. I shared that I was upset with her and this is what I got.

She’s under the table in the picture, and there I am trying to work. Oh how cute.

Later, we worked it out and she did some art. WOW.

Emojis all over the place. Then, it was time to GLITTER GLUE!

So proud of you, girl. Sometimes, I just cannot focus on you, but you make the best of it.

I love you so much!

Leash Launch

Cooper is so happy in Tatum’s lap. Today, we launched the leash. He thought it was a new chew toy.

Let’s see if I can get him to sit and come. One day at a time Coopie-boy.

Mama and me; Celebrating with her

We got to go to dinner the other night.

First, Cooper wanted to be in a picture since I was wearing white. He felt he needed to be in my arms. Haha.

Tatum of course needed to be in it too.

My mom and I went to Fleming’s and had the best time. I savor every minute with her. She is so special to me, and I want her always to know this.

When I got home, Tot and Cooper greeted me. My honey too.

I’m so grateful for you, Mama. Tot, Cooper, Doug…all of you.

Mama, thank you for such a lovely time. We always connect when we go out. Steak, shrimp, wedge salad and wine always help!

Mending and Lighting

My honey and I were both doing some fixin’ this weekend. Tatum wanted her little slip -ons to have elastic and velcro. We hit Hobby Lobby, bought the supplies…

And voila!

Cooper likes them too.

While we did this, my honey transformed the lighting in the living room.

And there is much rejoicing!

Thank you love!

Tatum has happy feet and we have a bright house! Hooray!

Summer Reading with Tatum and Cooper

Tatum is teaching Cooper how to read. He apparently needs phonics help because Tatum is reading Dick and Jane to him.

He loves his sister.

So, today, we headed to Scottsdale Library to get books for summer reading.

We stocked up!

Now, all we need is to make bookmarks.

Cooper squeaked and we drew.

Awesome job, Tot!

Now we are ready to dive in and do some READING!
It’s going to be a fine summer.

(and Cooper will be reading pretty soon if Tatum keeps teaching him his sounds. He loves the “Good Boy” sound!)