Happy Birthday Tatum!

TWO MONTHS!! She was born on Thanksgiving, exactly two months ago. It is hard to believe that she has been in my life for that long…it does go fast. How do you savor each moment, however?

I have often been asked, “How does it feel to be a mom?”; or “How are you doing?” To be honest, it’s a fog! You don’t have time to assess, introspectively. How am I doing?? hmmmm. How am I doing??? How am I doing? How am I doing?


HOW:  That’s right! HOW does this work? What day is it? What time was her last feeding?

AM: I don’t have an AM. My “being” is not about ME anymore; That is actually quite freeing and satisfying. I’m tired of me anyway.

I…I am no longer I, but I do find that I must take care of “I” or I will not be around for HER.

DOING…. My doings are all about eating, sleeping, pooing, and burping. If I can, cleaning, showering and blogging.

So, “How am I doing?” I’ll get back to you in the next minute since it constantly changes.

One thing is secure: I LOVE THIS LITTLE GIRL MORE THAN I THOUGHT POSSIBLE. Looking up to celebrate her day was needed since it is so easy to get bogged down in the daily grind of … *see “DOING” above.

I love you Tatum. Thank you God for giving her to me. Please grant me wisdom in caring for her.

The WALL….From A-Z

Recently, while perusing HOUZZ, the coolest design website besides my cousin’s design blog, I was inspired by the alphabet wall for the baby’s room. I just haven’t known what to do to decorate her already boring white space, so I’ve been in research mode. I came upon this design and realized I could do something similar! My dear mom bought wooden letters to paint white, and now we are designing each one.

The planning of the designs has been much more of a task than the actual painting process. I’m a “big picture” planner, and my mother is a “detailed” planner. She picked up a letter and just started to design it. Whereas I froze and said,”I have to see how the WHOLE thing will look before I can haphazardly pick up a letter and draw.” So it began.
We decided on 13 different designs repeated once to make 26! Now, the next step was the placement of what design goes where…
She came up with a key which looked similar to a scrabble board and off we went.
Today, I worked on the G and the U
We shall see! I’m enjoying the process, and hopefully Tatum’s wall will enjoy the letters!