Two weeks down; assessing

Tater time has become the focal point of my day (aside from my time with God :-)) Precious moments occur in the small doses, but they mean more now. From the moment I walk in her room with a melody of “Good morning to my Tot…” to the second we get into the car, it is quality. We play as much as possible while I get ready in the morning; it’s a good solid hour!IMG_3086

She also is learning to tie a shoe. Yes, this little Fisher Price boot, which was mine, is creating many learning opportunities! Square people…triangle people…laces! Oh, the choices.

IMG_0133 IMG_0137Perhaps I should taste them first?

Once I pick her up, they give me the “report.” She is the class clown making everyone laugh constantly. She rarely cries, and loves to be silly. We come home and play in her playpen until dinner. Man, it challenges me to the core as I question our “bonding,” but I am constantly reminded that she is my gift from God. I will never take her for granted or forsake our relationship for the “other” in my life which, at times, can occupy all of my time.

This weekend, I spent ALL of Saturday and Sunday working…grading…planning. My job is round the clock, but NOW, I am so mindful of Tatum being number one. The work just happens around her/with her as I sit in her room and play as I try to focus on those countless Schaffer paragraphs I must assess. Soon, she’ll be my assistant!

Now, being Labor Day, I can rest with her ALL DAY, and be reminded that I’m so blessed. My goal for her is to be a kind, caring, loving person (who has some smarts but that won’t be everything.) Character counts, which keeps me aware of my character deficits and needs for improvement.

I must also thank my mom for being SOOOOO intergral in Tatum’s growth, my growth and my sanity. May we never forget the blessings.

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