McCormick Mayhem to Merriment: Demolition will begin!

Sunday, April 14th, the Hay fam took a bike trip to the new home. We are finally going to start begin the remodeling process. Daddy had to head over to do some yardwork, so we joined him via our bikes.

Here we are! Tot needed to rehydrate with all that pedaling.

Here is a full view!

We entered the kitchen to go over what was going to be done. Doug LOVES these valences.

He should have told me this before we got married so I could reconsider. HAHA. Ok, not really, We’ll use them as cleaning rags most likely. Sorry, past owners.

See the rest! (new appliances, but the rest is going to be torn down).

Now the living room. Goodbye regally tall fireplace!

We’ll fill in this sunken living room and fix the foyer. Such exciting mysterious mayhem about to happen here.

We’re excited to see what will happen in the next few months.
The Hay Family will be enjoying the mayhem, but truly it’s merriment because the process is to be valued.

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