Food Hugs

There is a particular kind of hug that you receive when you serve a delicious meal or snack. It is an embrace that occurs around your leg, usually the left. Sometimes the right, but either way, it is an appreciation of a scrumptious taste.

Tatum makes it very clear when she likes what I serve her. She gives me a big FOOD HUG. She never takes for granted what she receives. She shows gratitude for the work involved, the aesthetics, and the taste. I love that about her!

The fried egg is always a favorite. I try to make it so the “juice” oozes out.

Doug has been enjoying my creations lately as well. It’s been SOOOO MUCH FUN to spoil them with what I attempt to make in the kitchen.

Sometimes it’s just a lettuce wrapped in hamburger and avocado, or roast beef roll-ups with hummus. Maybe it’s a Spanish rice concoction made with riced cauliflower.

Gotta make it pretty and colorful because we eat with our eyes.

I attempted a shrimp stir fry with cauliflower mash, turkey bacon and sweet potato chips for garnish. It was a hit!

Whatever I make, they are both so kind in giving me appreciation with a big food hug. The goal has been to make healthy food taste delectable. So far so good.

They eat it all up, and that is the biggest compliment I could receive.
I love you guys!

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