The journey continues

My honey bought me a bike for my birthday. This is no ordinary street bike, friends. No, this is a deluxe disc-braked-Specialized Purple machine!

Doug decided to get one for himself too. Now we match in coolness. (Well, almost!) One of us is much cooler. (You can be the judge of who, but he’s wearing shades.)

Tot was ready with her new helmet. Pink of course.

We decided to take the path behind our house, and you won’t believe the discoveries.

This path goes through Scottsdale and near our new home. What a gem!
The celebration just couldn’t end.

We felt the blessing from God with this path. It was symbolic of our journey together as a family. It’s winding, green and beautiful. We’ll hit some rough patches, and have an itch or two, but we’ll end up at this beautiful lake every time.

And we’ll keep reminding each other of the blessings.

The journey is what counts. The destination is icing on the cake.

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