Spiffing it up on Saturday

Don’t you love waiting? Tatum waited for 3 weeks to switch out her new earrings. She picked out a new pair on Amazon, and gave me $17 from her “spend” envelope to pay for a new pair. The wait paid off.

Sparkly for my Supergirl. Coti wanted to watch this girl transform into her superheroness, so he joined.

Oh, Coti…. This is how it’s done!

Well, this all led to the next event. We needed to go check out Doug’s tux for the wedding. Now, when you give a girl a 3 way mirror, she becomes her own chorus line.

Doug, unaware, is changing in the dressing room spiffying himself up.

Can’t you just wait to see how handsome he is? You’ll have to stay tuned!!

Till then Tot will keep dancing, superheroing, and being cute as ever.

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