Tatum teaches, and God affirms

Tatum loves to turn her bedroom into a classroom. Today was MLK Jr. Day, and I had to work (in her room usually) while she taught. So, I guess we were both teaching!

Hopefully her kids were paying close attention.

Each night, we are having our “God conversations,” and we are currently talking about the existence of life and how it couldn’t have happened by chance. For example, if we were farther away from the sun (just by a teeny amount), water would turn to ice etc. It is all so finely tuned. We also talked about the Lego builder in the sky. (GOD!) Legos don’t just construct on their own. They need a builder. Right!? Hmmm….pretty good analogy.

Ok, she gets that.

Well, this morning, the moon was so very bright and there were TWO planets shining so bright. They were the only two visible lights in the morning sky which never happens! So, they must be very close.

I had to know and I found they are Venus and Jupiter.

Tatum was just in awe as was I. I see the hand of God in everything. We must look for these little miracles daily to stay  in an attitude of gratitude. 

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