Happy Birthday Austin

He’s turning 21! I know Doug can’t believe it, as it has happened in a wink of an eye. I wanted to see Austin, and I knew the only way to get to see him would be to take him to dinner with his girlfriend, Alexa.

Tatum couldn’t wait, and I couldn’t either. I want to get to know him, and I know that will come in time. He is on the right path of working and hopefully going back to school.

So, we decide to take him to Humble Pie since they have something for everyone.

Tatum made him a card, and this made him beam from ear to ear. She was so glad to give him his smiley cake.

Then, I was next with some gift cards.

Tatum was so happy to get to spend time with Alexa….

We love you, Austin.

May you thrive in your next chapter.

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