I need more Mommy

See this picture?

It’s Tatum’s teeth! She had fallen off the scooter last week and chipped her one adult tooth up front. Well, we’ll deal with it after braces. Not to worry now.

However, look at this crowded mouth!

This is my life right now. (Doug’s too BTW). It’s crammed full of work, wedding planning, moving planning, remodel planning, parenting, financial stuff, etc etc. It’s busy!! Like Tot’s mouth.

Well, today, I did not accomplish my dreaded list. In fact, I fell behind because I was so bloody tired from lack of sleep. Tatum did not like me not being fully present. She made it clear to me that when we were at the piano lesson, I was not “right there next to her.” Then when we did homework, I was just sitting there not doing my cheerleader moves as usual. We didn’t play a game. And, I chose to talk to mama a bit when she needed me. She balked, I need more mommy!! I don’t even want to go to school

Oh, Tot. We had a nice chat about how I can’t always be ON and sometimes, I just need some compassion from her. We need to forgive and take care of each other and lift each other’s burdens. She is learning this, but I did tell her I’m so sorry that she felt ignored by me. It wasn’t my intention.

Tot, no matter what, you’re always in my heart. That is why I make sure you always get a love note in your lunch. I’m with you always, even when I’m not physically present. (And guess who else is? JESUS. ALWAYS, but HE IS PHYSICALLY PRESENT). So, Tatum go to Him when you feel something is missing. He’ll fill those empty places. In the meantime, I’ll do my best to be there for you whenever you need me.

I need you too, Tatum. You’re my special gift, blessing and light. I love you to pieces.

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