Days 11 and 12: Ending with giving

Day 11 was to make a grateful jar for each of us. That was not hard, so we filled each jar with something we were thankful for each person. I can tell you that I have been thankful for Tatum being my “hands” lately. You see, I have a hard time using my hands in the winter since they get numb, tingly and painful. So I am grateful for Tatum helping me.

Mama has also been so helpful with the wedding and some details. Thank you for all your sagacious advice!

Day 12, we would end with a giving bang.

We’d head to Kid to Kid to find a pair of Jammies, and then go donate them. This is always fun!

Well, our 12 days of Christmas is over for the second year. I hope that Tatum has enjoyed it as much as I have. She says the best part was “giving.” Being a giver is the best part of being a follower of Jesus. He was the biggest giver and Servant of all. Maybe we can strive to be more like this.

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