Coldness, the 6-year old appointment, and OUCH!

Colder here than in Anchorage, Alaska right now.

So, today we froze our way to her 6-year old appointment.
She is now 34.5 lbs and 40.5 inches.

Hearing is perfect and she’s 20/25.

Her weight and height are in the 1-percentile still and she is right on track.

My little Tot may be little, but she is bold, beautiful and larger than life in personality.

She is bold on her new scooter. As I rounded the corner walking behind her, she was crying. Screaming really. She had fallen off and hit her lip. Her baby tooth was loose, her lip was bleeding and guess what? Her adult tooth had a chip *ahem* I said CHIP in it!!! I had Coti with me, so I ran with Coti, her scooter, a full poop bag, and my Tot all the way home.

She cried and cried (and I cried too) as we got her all rinsed off. The dentist can see her in 3 days! Oh boy, 3 days. Ok, so in the meantime, we pray for the pain to go away, and for help with her adult tooth.

Being a parent is a constant struggle with how much to be a helicopter, hovering over her at all times, and being hands off and letting her make mistakes. Geez! I wish I could wrap her in puff bubbles so she won’t hurt from a fall and earmuffs so she won’t hear the garbage of the world. But, the inevitable will happen. All I can do is give her tools and teach her how to access what she already has: JESUS inside of her. The rest I must leave up to God.

I love you Tot. To PIECES literally.

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