Happy New Year 2019!

Can you believe we have used the same devotional book for 4 years! It has seen its days; that is for sure!

Every morning, no matter what, we start the day out with our devotion and prayer for the day. It sometimes lasts 3 minutes, but it is always done. She is so used to it that if I ever miss it, it is brought to my attention IMMEDIATELY!

I bought a new one for us finally to start this year. I also got a perpetual calendar to start.

Then we realized that the calendar requires another memory verse for the week. OK! Tatum recommended that EVERY time we walk by the calendar, we say the verse. And may it be!

Later on, we worked on our goals for the year:

It’s up right there in front of our faces; can’t miss it. I know the loving others “above” ourselves can be a challenge at times, so we’ll keep an eye on our behavior and our selflessness.

I’m reading a book right now about the importance of the words we use; it mentioned to use word pictures when talking to your kids so they can picture what you mean. Instead of saying, you are gentle, say, “You are as gentle as a dove.” Then put that picture up in their room.

I decided to give her a gift today. It was a reminder to her that if she ever has a bad day to remember:

Tatum, I have on your wall to “Let you Light SHINE” because you are a light in this world ; you also are a gift and a blessing to me. I have wrapped you up in a box so you can unwrap it anytime and know what you truly are: A GIFT to me and so many. May your light shine and spread joy to the world. You’ll make a difference!

Happy New Year!

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