A Wet and Festive New Year’s Eve

We decided to make wands again this year so we could turn people into various types of toads. HA! Actually, we had more of festive motive. This time, I figured Tot could be more involved in the process.

She drew the circles:

I cut and she helped me fold:

Then snip snap flip flap boom!

Stars! Contact paper would go under these babies, and I would trim them. Then they are ready to decorate.

Then insert a coat hanger with some popsicle sticks and you have yourself a magic, festive, toad turning into (if your festive mate is not being festive) wand!

It was a quiet day because of the rain, so Tot decided to make Coti some food


and of course, Snoopy needed a raincoat.

It was time. Time to embark on our adventure now, but Snoopy and Coti would have to stay home. We got all bundled up so we were waterproofed and warm.

I’m ready mom. Let’s vaminos!

I dawdled behind with my 100lbs of warmth.

And off she went. It’s like the end of a year. She’s growing up and going off a lot more. I am learning to embrace the growth and relish every single solitary moment. That will be my goal next year: to be present and relishing at all times. May your light shine, my dear Tatum. You are a light in this world and God created you for an amazing purpose.

Goodbye 2018. We are ready for new adventures, dreams and excitement.

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