Cooper’s fluff and stuff

He had that look. A bit of crying this morning, but lots of chewing. Then, Tatum noticed he had some blood on his fur. What???? Oh!!! She found the culprit.

His baby fang? I didn’t know fangs could be so cute.

Good thing today was his big grooming day! His first one. He would visit Leti at Applewood; she is the one who does Coti, so she knows the drill.

He rode with me in the car looking as cute and disheveled as ever.

Oh, Cooper. He saw Leti and was not scared at all.

Then when I picked him up…..HE LOOKED……..

Fluffy and so happy!

We love you little fluff ball. Now grow some real fangs! GRRRRRRRR…..

August 22nd, 2019. Seven years ago today

Was near close to the best day of my life and would change my life forever.

It was seven years ago that a phone call came to me from Dr. Kaufman. He would tell me about an unborn baby and then introduce me to the birth mom. The birth mom chose me to be the mommy, and exactly three months later, I was in the birthing room holding my brand new daughter; a gift from God.

I surprised Tatum when she got home with a little card. We are going to celebrate next week, but I wanted to recognize the day!

She was my sweet baby. (and still is).

We had a little ice cream to celebrate.

Not a day goes by that I don’t tell her how much I love and treasure her.

Stay tuned for the real celebration next week.

Another FIRST! Tatum’s first A/R test.

She was the FIRST person in her FIRST grade class to take the FIRST A/R test. To be able to do this, she had to have passed all of her site words. She did this back in Kindergarten in February..

but they still tested her this first week.

She came home and read me the book. The First Day of School. I’m seeing a FIRST theme here.

The book was so close to she and Cooper having to say goodbye for the first day of school. (the boy in the book had a new puppy, Cookie).

Welllllllll, the next day, Mrs. Finnman stopped me in the parking lot to tell me Tatum had good news.

She was the ONLY one to pass in her class of 17.

WOW! She came home with a new book and can’t wait to get started.

I was the FIRST to give her the biggest hug and kiss.

So proud of you and your brain. (This is secondary to your beautiful heart, my sweet).

Cooper’s scare and the immense love for him!

It was a typical Saturday morning. Tatum and I always do a craft, and this one would be for Tom. Tom works for Monty (who is our contractor). A couple months ago, Tom broke his hip and we thought that might be it for him for a while. Well, he’s back at work! Tatum wanted to make him a card. Daddy, Monty and Tom are all holding up wood and building. (Tom is on the ladder wearing his colorful tool belt). I love how she planned it out and encouraged Tom with this complimentary card.

Well, after all of this fun, Cooper was playing and ran up behind Tatum. She slipped and fell on top of his paw. He continuously YELPED so loud and I grabbed him to feel his paw. It was literally dangling at the tendon. I thought it had ripped. Tatum was devastated with guilt even though it was an accident. I tried to hold my cool, but I was shaking and crying. Immediately, I found an emergency vet and headed over with the little guy. Daddy met us there.

On the way there, I prayed prayed prayed. Tatum and I both prayed for a miracle and a healing.

When we got there, they took him back for a check and then we met with the Dr. He said Cooper did not seem to be in pain when he felt around his paw and tendon area. He only was limping a bit. We took him home and I kid you not; within a couple of hours, he was back to his old self, running, playing, romping. HUH!!???? Was it truly a miracle? I believe so.

He did not want us to go the pool, however. He needed some TLC as he was so tired. He just laid on our towels. Don’t go!!

We did end up going and later that night, the HAY family served at UMOM through Matthew 25. We prayed with many homeless families and we served them as Jesus would. I believe God wanted us to be there, and therefore, He made sure Cooper would be fine. MIRACLE.

Later that night, Coopy was so relaxed. He just laid in my arms.

We love you SO MUCH COOPY!!!!

Form, storm, norm, perform: The Hay dynamic

Getting married and forming a family means that there are going to be growing pains. I remember when I was in sales, we would discuss group dynamics. The stages really do make sense: form, storm, norm, perform.

It has been a new experience for all of us, but since Tatum is a young’n, she is learning from scratch. WE are all FORMING.

Maybe that’s better because she doesn’t have past triggers which may be set off. Her ability to have self-control has been challenging. STORMING is happening at times. For example, she has a tendency to tell Daddy what to do or tell him “No, that’s not right.” This is just direct disrespect and dishonoring. Also, she can have highly emotional feelings which then escalate and cause her to say things like “Go away.” This just produces wrinkled hearts and then sadness all around. She feels extremely guilty immediately, and she does apologize, but the sting stays.

Sometimes it feels like heads are coming off and frustration sets in for all of us.

She wanted to ask Daddy for more date nights, so she asked him to sit face to face so she could present her invitation. Having a relationship foundation is so key to forming and norming. Besides you are more likely to care what one knows if you know how much one cares.

He immediately agreed and was excited. NORMING HAPPENING!

Then, at our Hay Happens Family meeting that night, we are trying to NORM some more with strategies for self-control. Remember the motor oil STP?

It makes things run smoother. So does being quick to listen and slow to speak. First time asked must be accomplished as well. None of this is new for Tot, but we need some reminders.

I love this process. It’s messy and sometimes painful, but after a storm, FLOWERS BLOOM. This is the part where the HAY family will PERFORM! Perhaps it’s two steps forward and one step back. Just so we are moving forward.

We may not always agree, but teams can only grow through conflict and then SOLVING IT through talking and praying. Gosh and we do!

Tatum is embracing the growth, the challenges, and she is LOVING being Tatum Hay. It won’t be official until next year, but right now, the HAY family thrives in love:
“And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love” (1 Cor 13:13)

Cooper STOP being so cute!

He loves being under the stool. Especially when we are doing our journals or chatting.

He also LOVES to be belly-rubbed.

Cooper, if you get any cuter, we may have a competition between you and Tot. With the two of you in the HAY home, it’s quite overwhelming/beyond comprehension. SMOOCH!

The changing looks of the TOT! Many boxes checked this week

She’s got the doggie backpack and lunchbox. CHECK.

She’s got some fun heart glasses with a new look today. (including a new belt) CHECK.

She dons her jumper today. (CHECK)! She wanted to wear for PE day (of course with shorts underneath). “This is much more comfortable than I thought! Can I wear this to church on Sunday?”

The pigtails and her big smile; I just can’t get enough of her cuteness. (CHECK).

Sparkles may join her today. CHECK?

Oh, Tatum. Your first week of school was such a success. CHECK. You learned to overcome some friend conflict by “talking it out.” You got excited about your math homework and your writing and reading growth (YOU COULD SEE HOW FAR YOU HAVE COME). And, you had the best attitude. I love watching you grow INSIDE AND OUT! (CHECK!)