Phoenix Theater Year 2: Coco

I had to put her in again; she just loves going! Plus, she got another scholarship. So, this week, the theme was the Disney film, Coco. We never saw it, but the music is wonderful. It’s partly in Spanish, so this would be a great way for her to practice her Espanol.

Here is the program:

She introduced herself with POISE and BIG smiles.

Then, onto the song “Remember Me.”

They each had little guitars and strummed along as they sang.

They ended with “The World is Mi Familia.” What a great time! The leader, Katie, remembered her from when she was 4. They really enjoyed each other and we appreciate all they did for Tatum.

Thanks again, Phoenix Theater! See you for Toy Story in July!

Cooper! Under where and are you there?

Cooper wakes up early to greet us all. I usually take him out first thing, but sometimes it must be Daddy or Tatum. I needed to sleep in the other day, and Cooper just waited for me. SO cute! I don’t get to really sleep in because he just cries in front of our bedroom door. I think he wants breakfast. 

Finally he gets to eat and PLAY! Of course, you can find him under Daddy’s leg as he irons his shirt. 

Cooper loves to play with all of his toys. Just today, he got a new hedgehog. It’s pretty much a constant flood of toys.

He also follows all of us wherever we go. The other day, he came into the office with me and did not want to leave. He just sat there…..staring and pseudo-barking. Who is that in the mirror!??

You’ll find Cooper playing with us but also playing hide and seek. He will often be found UNDER the table to sleep

or under the stool in the kitchen.

OR under his bed. Yes, I literally mean under… See him?

Oh my. He’s just cozy and warm in there.

Daddy, had to get him out and then he needed a tummy rub.

We adore you! WHEREVER you may be!

Summer Growing is so Rewarding

I am so proud of the little Tatum. She is becoming so responsible! She does her BrainQuest without being asked; she puts her laundry away first time asked; she has a great attitude when practicing piano, and she helps out with Cooper whenever we need her to help. She truly a responsible little girl.

I decided to give her a little herb garden. Stay tuned for our growth on that! It symbolizes her flavorful personality!

I also wanted to give her a purse so she could take ownership of her activities when we are out. She won’t need to rely on me to carry entertainment, plus we never use the “B”
word. (boring) Boring people get bored. So I bought her a mixed media pad, some colored pencils for carrying, and a sharpener. She can fill her little pack with other things too.

She’s all ready to go! (Coopy, we’ll miss you!)

Oh, and guess who did make it into her backpack?
You guessed it. Baby is not left at home this time. Hooray!

She is even drawing in the car. I love her spirit. I also love that she doesn’t rely on technology to remain engaged.

Good job little TOT! I LOVE YOU!

He continues to pursue me!

He never has stopped dating me. I love that! Every day, we give love notes to each other. Doug never takes me for granted.

Daily, we express our gratitude for each other. I don’t do it enough; telling him that I’m so honored and grateful to be his wife. He works so hard at Honeywell and at the McCormick home to get it just right for us! Wow. He also is ALWAYS present at home with us.

We got to go on a date the other night, and he still gives me little love cards.

How proud I am to be his gal.

I love you baby!

So proud of my little Jellyfish!

She is doing so well in swimming class, and she is so motivated!

Determined, she wants to move to Octopus, but first she needs to master the Jellyfish class.

Today, she swam across the pool rolling over!! Yeah, TOT! You’re on your way.

Einstein’s, Errands, and Who’s missing?

Today, Tatum wanted to make a sign for our friends at Einstein’s. We love the bagels, coffee, but more importantly, we love the people. They are always so kind to us. So Tot showed her appreciation.

They hung it up which made her feel special! She trumps the ads anyday.

Then, she accompanied Daddy to the cabinet store. She always is fun to hang with.

But…guess who stayed home??

He has been staying HOME much more lately. Is this a trend????? Hmmmm.

She has a new buddy when running errands.


She is growing up. We love you sweet girl.

My brave girl, GROWTH, and determination

This girl of mine…wow. I love watching her grow. She is determined, first of all, to improve her handwriting. She was holding the pencil with a fist-like grip.

A week ago: (the prayer is lovely but a bit sloppy).

Just yesterday, she held the pencil correctly and wrote with precision.

Then, her swim stroke. Another determined Tot! She wants to swim laps, and will move on from Jellyfish sooner than later. Everyday, in the pool, she practices her side-breathing. I’m so proud of her focus! She watched me swim the other day, and BOOM. That afternoon, she was doing it too. A natural! She’ll be in Octopus soon.

When I say BRAVE, I mean, her attitude is so positive!!! She had to get an appliance put in her mouth to help her break a bad habit. SHE WANTED IT!!!

She got fitted last week.

Cooper joined her to give her some support.

When she was done, she smiled and showed us.

See mommy?

Now, all day, I just felt so bad for her, but she didn’t complain once! Eating is so very hard for her, and it will be for 3 months. YET…she said, “I’m going to make it work, mommy. I don’t want to suck my fingers anymore.”

Again, she is determined!!! WOW. I love her heart, and I love her strength.

She inspires me.