Party with Prepositions (and the PAYOFF!)

We have to make it fun, right? She was to memorize the prepositions for school. My students used to have to do this, and I would always sing it so they could remember. Plus this is how I learned when I was a wee one. I made up songs!

aboard about above across after against along among around as at….

OH we love this! Let’s hit the B’s now

before behind below beneath beside between beyond but by….

She wanted to give up.

I caaaaaan’t do this. It’s impossiiiiiiiiiiiible.

You’re right Tot, it’s hard. But you can persevere. Most would give up, but you are not most.

She DID!
The next morning, she came to breakfast reciting all 51 prepositions.

How did she do???

SOOO Proud of you, Tot. Let’s celebrate with Daddy at Sugar Bowl! There’s always a reason to have ice cream, or we’ll find something!