Mrs. Denmark, The giggling, happy, but strict teacher!

She’s a giggler apparently!

Also, she is a fair, but fun and hard teacher! We love that.

Well, let’s back up. Tatum popped right out of bed at 6:15. She even did her quiet time this morning and put on the FULL ARMOR of GOD! WOOT WOO!

Oh, here she comes…all uniformed up and ready to rock and roll.

Even Panda earrings to match her….

Coopy, do you like her backpack?

She wanted a smoothie, so I whipped up a banana, raspberry surprise …with whip of course. (and sprinkles!)

We always read the Daily Bread: Today it was on STANDING FIRM! How cool! I just gave her Josh 1:9 as her verse for the year: Here was the encouragement for DB today:

God will never leave or forsake us (Hebrews 13:5–6). When we look to Him for help in moments where we feel intimidated, He’ll give us “power, love, and self-discipline” to see our assignment through to the end (2 Timothy 1:7). YES!

You are protected, loved and encouraged, my girl. Let’s be a BUILDER UPPER of others this year.

We arrived early for the prayer and pledge at the flagpole.

I have to DROP HER OFF (YEEKS!) at the FRONT now! WWWWHHHAAATTTT!?? Yes, not the little playground anymore. The big kids entrance. I will NOT be kicking her out of the truck and drive off. I will stop. Walk her to the gate, thank you very much. ! (Until she makes me stop. ) There!

Ok, when I picked her up, her comment was about Mrs. Denmark being AWESOME and a giggler. Oh, I love that.

I took her to get ice cream, and for dinner, we had a little goodie for her + cupcake of course.

Daddy got her a Honeywell mug. It’s a great home for Boo for now. (at least until she picks up our coffee habit! HA!)

More to come. We A.D.O.R.E you Totinator!

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