Being her MOM and being her DAUGHTER

Being loved and celebrated is one thing. Being able to celebrate and LOVE is actually better.

I was definitely shown so much love and appreciation from my honey and my girl.

We are loving being family. They spoil me so very much.

Flowers, gifts….JOY! I’m so blessed. My honey made sure Tot made a big deal of Mother’s Day. That is a true man.

I got to spoil my mom too with a yummy breakfast. Pics first.

Grandmama loves doting on the TOT. She loves it too.

Breakfast was homemade bagels (shaped as hearts with raspberry vanilla cream cheese, avocado deviled eggs and ham with fruit.

Mama spoiled me with cards and gifts, and we spoiled mama with giraffes and LOVE.

Ya know, appreciation and gratitude can never be overdone. My family is so amazing. Thank you all for a great day. I’ll be doting on you as much as possible.
I love you MAMA!

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