How Tatum feels loved

There are times when we must reflect on how our children touch our lives. Of course, every single day, I’m blown away by the fact that I GET to be Tatum’s mommy. How is it that God has blessed me with such a delightful girl? She also challenges me in every way. But with every challenge, there is an opportunity to be refined and grow.

She puts her mind to what she will create, and then upon completion…

she presents it. What is she looking for? Words of affirmation.

Mommy, what do you think? How did I do? Do you like it? I am seeing her gifts emerge, but I’m also seeing how she needs to feel loved.

She loves to perform, but only if I can applaud. I’m going to sing you a song, Mommy.

Dancing? Of course. She will perform, and she always has her audience set up.

It is so fun to see her grow into the young girl God has made her to be. She continues to light up my life with little surprises. Just this morning, she was up before me and this was slid under my door.

Her GIFT to me was just a word of affirmation for ME! This tells me that I need to make sure I’m constantly encouraging HER, and providing her with POSITIVE feedback. When I do have to correct her, I cushion it with love and grace. Like Jesus, a balance of grace and truth gives the person a large dose of LOVE. She is such a sensitive child who can easily be SO HARD on herself. Knowing her love language and the way she feels loved allows me to be her BEST parent, and to empower to be her BEST self.

Thank you Jesus for my precious gift: TATUM.

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