Crashing the class

Panic-stricken. Yes, this was me at the start of this SAHM journey. What could we do all day every day?

This is when I looked at resources. They are out there, you just have to look. Little did I know how valuable they would be for Tatum’s development (and me as well as I learn how to teach her!)

It started with swimming when she was only 6 months old. I did not necessarily do this for her development, but more for us to bond and do something together. Since then we have continued. She has gained (besides swimming skills):
1. Listening to instructions (she may fight it, but then we have a lil chat on the side of the pool)

2. Being with other children and “playing nice”

3. Patience and waiting your turn.

4. Being silly and having fun.

We added Little Gym in the summer, but I decided to remove her from this, not only because it was costly, but because it was too unstructured, too large of a class, and parents did not enforce their children to be polite and listen to the instructor. It was terrible modeling for Tatum.

I now have added Musicology on Fridays. This class is terrific in that it is more intimate, structured and it teaches her rhythm, movement, and SHARING! Also, the mommies seem to model listening, following directions, and being polite. BONUS.

The rest of the week, I have now been trying to figure out what is best. The library is a little known FREE secret. Here is what we have tried:

1. Story Time: Excellent only if the parents would model for the kids to stay seated when the lady is reading.

2. Shake Rattle and Roll: Pure movement and fun. A bit of looseness that Tatum needs, and I don’t worry about the structure.

3. TODAY: we crashed the TODDLER TIME class (you have to be 24-36 months): This was excellent because the kiddos had to stay in their little letter square. Tatum had the “D” for “Dog” as I hoped it would keep her sitter sitting! I loved how strict the instructor was with the kids in staying put. The parents also modeled so well, and Tatum got to see that it was polite to pay attention and yet NOT GET UP.

IMG_5274 IMG_5275

It worked for the most part, but then…IMG_5276

I had to reel her in. I think after coming a few times, she is going to learn this. More importantly, I am preparing her for her days in school. It’s a pure pleasure and HONOR to be in her life at this age. Had I known what I was missing, I would have done this earlier (although I don’t know how I could have!)

We will continue to hit the library with their FABULOUS preparatory,  FREE, and FUN classes.

Again, Thank you FATHER for allowing this time with my little TOT. We are bonding and she is growing into a lovely young girl (with a precious heart.)


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