Sparkly new EARS!!!

After about 6 months of asking to get her ears pierced, I finally agreed. Santa brought her some pretty earrings, and we scheduled the big day!!!

It was today, Friday, the last day of her vacation. Brandy, our hairdresser, said she would do it since she is an expert in this area. Perfect!

Tatum has been patiently waiting for weeks, and now with it being here, she is so excited. Brandy texted me early to say she had a cancellation so we could come in at 11:30. DONE! We arrived with so much anticipation!

Brandy showed us some choices of earrings of stainless steel, and we picked the crystal balls. They were sparkly just like Tot! Perfect!

She put a little dot on each ear and asked me if they looked even.

Now we are ready! Tot held my hand. OH, I must say that Brandy previewed everything with Tatum with such grace and honor! I was so impressed. Tatum wasn’t even scared. OK, ready!

Right after, she looked …..waited….and then…………..

Oh, my….That hurt mommy!!! Brandy asked her if she wanted to wait. She said NO WAY and the next one was done…boom!

OK, you’re brave kiddo.

Not so happy at the moment, but just wait, folks. When she sees her sparkly ears, she’ll be beaming too.

OH, yes!!

Thank you, Brandy!

Brandy was as gentle as a dove.

Then, after a LARGE mint to suck on and get some sugar to the brain, she could think. Wow! These are awesome! Now, she was perma-grin.

When we got home, are you still excited?

OH yes, mommy! I love them!

Later on, it was time to get something cool to eat and celebrate her bravery.

Brandy even texted us,” We told everyone how brave she was!”

I feel great about the decision now that I see how she is handling it. We’ll be doing the 3-week plan to keep them clean and sanitized. I’m so proud of you Tatum, my light, my sparkly gal. I love you! Thank you, Brandy!!!

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